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Branding Course
  • Branding Course

    In an era marked by a communication revolution, the relationship between brands and people has been changing to become the central point of branding. A fundamental part of this relationship occurs through design: the pieces are the space where this communication takes place and through which they acquire an experience related to the brand.

    The course seeks to train students about the processes necessary for the correct implementation of a brand, from research and analysis to the implementation of management strategies to develop an intelligent, coherent and consistent design.

    • We will use a multidisciplinary methodology, which fuses communicative theory with brand management and graphic design to optimize results.  At the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of the processes related to the activity of branding and brand management. Likewise, they will be able to carry out correct analyzes and reach adequate conclusions for the development of brand concepts applicable to real scenarios and communicative and visual pieces.

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