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Brand Manual Course
  • Brand Manual Course

    Of all the pieces that can be developed within a branding process, the style manual is one of the most complex. It must not only contain the system at a visual and communicative level, but also at an explanatory level, since its purpose is to guarantee the correct functioning of the brand in the future, as well as its stability and consistency.

    This course focuses on the process of developing a brand manual from the conception of identity, both visual and conceptual. Through the different sessions, the student will learn to identify the signs to regulate, the correct methodology to establish the rules that enhance a brand system and the strategies to use to create a clear, intuitive and practical manual.

    • Our course delves into the different elements that make up the brand manual, not only on a practical level, but also on a conceptual level, so that the student uses the manual's full potential as a communication tool.

      At the end of the course, students will fully master the different aspects of the process of construction, development and design of a brand manual, from its conceptualization to its creation as a communication tool.


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