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Master Challenging Branding
  • Master Challenging Branding

    How to build challenging brands, brands with business ambition and ready to do something brave. Brands that do not leave anyone indifferent. The value of  Challenging Branding  It is based on the fact that only those brands that are based on a correct brand strategy stand out from the rest.

    We will talk about the construction of brands through its strategic management, we will work on how a brand should be perceived, committing ourselves and offering a unique identity and experience that positions it in a solid and successful way.

    • The Online Master in Challenging Branding consists of a total of 15 subjects divided into 3 modules with a duration of 12 months. With the content that is developed in each of the modules, you will be able to carry out the various practices and the Final Master Project. In addition, all of them will become part of your professional portfolio. 

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